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5 Timeless Urdu Poets You Should Read Before You Die!

“Aap Urdu seekhna chahte hain to ishq kar lijiye

Aur agar aap ishq karna chahte hain toh Urdu seekh lijiye”


-Khushwant Singh

There’s no language of love and we agree but if someone has to put a language on love then it would undoubtedly be Urdu. Be it shayari, nazms, or ghazals everything sounds more beautiful and profound in Urdu and this is why we bring to you Urdu poets you should read to discover hidden treasures and the magic of this beautiful language. The best part? All of these books are available with us, in Perso-Arabic script of course but also in Devanagari script because we want the magic of these poets and their words to reach more people.


So, without taking any more time we will come to the five Urdu poets you should read before you die. We hope you will find what we are sharing as something insightful and something that adds value to your to be read stacks. 


1. Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Shayari


Faiz does not need an introduction we suppose. Known for his nazm ‘Bol ke lab azaad hain tere’, which was later made into a song and is one of the best pieces of poetry which people associate with freedom and ‘inquilab’, this nazm establishes Faiz as one of the greatest Urdu poets of all times. Another one of his nazms ‘Mujh se pehli si mohabbat mere mehboob na maang’ only goes on to reinstate that you need Faiz in your life. Our book- ‘Lokpriya Shayar aur unki shayari’- Faiz Ahmed Faiz is the best way to get to learn more about this wonderful shayar.


2. Mir Taqi Mir

Mir Taqi Mir Shayari

Everyone needs Mir Taqi Mir in their life. Imagine being acknowledged by Mirza Ghalib! If you did and you came back to senses then let us tell you that Mir Taqi Mir was. He is known as the ‘imam’ (leader) of Urdu poetry and if you look for simplicity with elegance in poetry then Mir is definitely what you are looking for. If you can’t read Urdu and even Hindi then we have something in English too! ‘Best of Meer’ translated by Kuldip Salil is what you should be reading!


3. Ahmed Faraz

Ahmad Faraz Shayari

It would be a sin if we don’t talk about Faraz while talking about Urdu poetry. He definitely is one of the Urdu poets you should read because his writing is unparalleled. Ahmed Faraz is essentially a romantic poet but he has also explored other genres and he often retorted to symbolism and tried creating an unprecedented and different kind of political sensibility. This Urdu poet literally has it all and that is why you should read Faraz.   


4. Mirza Ghalib


Mirza Ghalib Shayari

He is the star of shayari, the maestro of couplets and a legend. With an aura that is unmatched and fame that grows with every passing year, Mirza Ghalib is a name that resonates the most with Urdu Shayari. He changed the course of the narrative and the way people look at poetry and for that we will forever be indebted to him. We don’t think anyone needs a reason to read Ghalib. You should because what he has written fits all moods and mirrors the times we are living in.


5. Sahir Ludhianvi


Sahir Ludhianvi Shayari

Addressing multiple social issues and lamenting the inequality and the slow death of morality in the society, Sahir Ludhianvi is someone whose poetry is full of political innuendos and communal statements. He was bold, fierce and his writing reflects the same. If you are looking for someone with a moral and social conscience and beautiful writing then Sahir Ludhianvi is the one for you.

With this we come to an end for the five brilliant Urdu poets you should read before you die. From Ghalib to Ludhianvi we have picked the best for you. We have taken utmost care to prepare this list and we hope you like it. So, what are you reading next?

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