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Literature- The Essence Of Life

Life is a Pandora's box which holds all kinds of secrets, emotions, and experiences, that are unique on every level. Literature is the key that holds the essence of this Pandora's box.  

It is through literature that we can understand the worldview better and the thoughts that have been woven into the magic of words and feelings matched with the rhythm. When we read something, we travel into space in the writer's mind, a space that he has so beautifully explored and created, and it is a magical process, maybe that’s why books are loved by many. This space that is created is unique, has a magic of its own, it makes one forget about all the troubles and what's more beautiful is the language.

 Literature has widespread roots in every culture and language, our world full of enriched literature in so many languages, and translations and we as humans are so lucky to have the ability to read and write. When I was young, I once read a piece by Dharamveer Bharti,wherein he had stated that he had a small library at his home and he described it as his happy place. He had books in many languages, he described literature as a window into the minds of people, a window that holds many secrets, many lessons that are incredible and very different from one another. Literature is what matters most in any time of crises, be it any language, it is the content and context to be grasped at. Be it the spicy love and hurt sentiments of Rahat Indori or the depth of the heart of Bashir Badr or even the simplicity of Wasim Barelvi, be it anyone and any language, literature is the core of all, the richness of bursting emotions is what we should seek. 

Technology and our lifestyles have become so fast-paced that we do not have the time to enjoy the little things in life, like admiring the fragrance of flower or smile of that someone special or the moonlight. We forget to admire them, to live in the moment and to be free of our worries. Literature brings us closer to life. It makes us admire things that can only be felt. Words have the power to capture the beauty of little moments and when those words are clubbed together with emotions, something beautiful and out of the world is created and that is the purest and most beautiful form of literature. In reality, life is not the same for everyone, each of us experiences everything differently because of who we are, but all of us different people find a commonplace of thoughts through literature. It gives us the ability to question, to look at something from a different perspective, and in all fairness, with the advent of social media and the world becoming all tech-savvy we know that these things are rare these days.

We as humans need to realize the importance and the true meaning of something as essential as literature, as it teaches us, guides us and makes us feel alive. 

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