Naulakhi Kothi / نولکھی کوٹھی

by Ali Akbar Natiq

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ISBN: 9789390887064Categories: Diwali offer, Matterlink Publishers, New Books, Novel, Urdu
Set in canal colonies of the Punjab, Ali Akbar Natiq’s much anticipated debut novel ‘Nou-Lakhi Kothi’ is as enticingly rich and multi-faceted as the land that he is so unabashedly in love with.

Natiq has already made his mark as a poet of vibrant images, enigmatic metaphors, a brooding sense of history and metaphysical explorations. His two anthologies of poetry ‘Baiyaqeen Bastioon Mein’ (2010) and ‘Yaqoot Kai Warq’ (2013) provide ample testimony. His haunting series of poems ‘Safeer-e-Laila’ portray the cyclical vagaries of time and civilizational rise and decline that at times remind one of N. M Rashid’s masterpiece ‘Hasan Koozagar’ but are nevertheless enthrallingly original. That he is an immaculate observer and highly gifted capturer of the geographical and cultural topography of Punjab has already come to light in ‘Qaim Din’ (2012) – his wonderful volume of short stories. In Nou-Lakhi Kothi Natiq draws on his poetic prose and deep intimacy with the land and people of Punjab to craft a compelling tale of enmity, revenge, social mobility, opportunism, past glory and lost grandeur.