Zindeeq - زِندیق

Rahman Abbas (Author)

Rs 786.00 Rs 699.00

Zindeeq or (Heretic) By Rahman Abbas is the first novel in Urdu literature that has received the support of International Research Grant funded by the ‘Crossing Borders’ program of the ‘Robert Bosch Foundation’ and the ‘Literarisches Colloquium, Berlin’ towards its creative process. 
The novel uses mythological stories; tales from Mahabharata, Ramayana, Jewish and Christian folklore, Semitic Scriptures, Babylonian epics, and stories from Puranas to create a fusion of past, present, and future and to comprehend the nature of man as a species. 
Zindeeq is a dystopian & apocalyptic novel, a comparative study of the effects of Nazism in Europe and the possible damages that religious extremism may cause in Pakistan and India.
Zindeeq is a multidimensional novel that looks at the wide-ranging issues such as the queer movement, identity crises, espionage, geo-political tensions, jihad as an industry and narrative, politics of Hindutva and racism, patriarchy and freedom of choices, the life of an Urdu poet Meeraji (1912-1949), the Last World War – Armageddon, as predicted by the Semitic scriptures.
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