About us

Why buy books from Urdu Bazaar ?

Buying books online can be really expensive, especially if you like to read a lot. And that is why, at Urdu Bazaar, we are committed to provide you a huge collection of books at amazing discounted prices. We are not a profit hungry online bookseller, but a small book store at the corner of your street. Based out of Delhi, Urdu Bazaar was started with an aim to promote reading culture in India, to make reading cool again. To bring down the cost of books which suits your budget, we began our journey as a book seller. As we grew, we diversified by selling books of different genre online , children books and adult books, academic and non academic books and everything on or about books under the sun. We pivoted from an online bookstore from where you buy books to a platform, which celebrate books and literature. Every book is carefully inspected to ensure that you get value for money for your purchases. The reasonable prices ensure that you can easily buy 2-3 books in the cost of a pizza.