Akhri Chattan Urdu Novel About Downfall of Muslim Empire [Hardcover] Nasim Hijazi

Nasim Hijazi (Author)

Rs 150.00


Author: Nasim Hijazi

Languages: urdu

Number Of Pages: 376

Binding: Hardcover

Release Date: 01-12-2019

Details: The author of the book was a famous novelist, historian, and journalist. He authored some novel. He was the trendsetter of the historical stories in Urdu. Naseem Hijazi influenced was the top novelist in 70s. He controlled two generations by his views. He wrote the stories about the rise and fall of the Muslims. Naseem Hijazi reminded them the brighten past of the Muslims. Akhri Chattan is about a Muslim Soldier who tries to unite Muslims under one banner against evil of Changez Khan. Title of this book refers to the Khwarezmian Empire and its Sultan Jalal udin Mingburnu. Akhri Chatan by Naseem Hijazi is about the downfall of Muslim Empire. It shows how one nation can go down if it becomes selfish and corrupt. In Short, entertaining, sad and story with good Moral.