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by Bankimchandra Chatterjee

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Author: Bankimchandra Chatterjee

Languages: Hindi

Number Of Pages: 160

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches

Release Date: 01-11-2019

Details: Bankimchandra chatterjee's an and a math is based on the great Bengal famine of 1770 and the famous Sannyasi revolt. When the British government and nawabs levied heavy taxes on the farmers and commoners following the famine, the sannyasis came together in North Bengal and launched a major rebellion against them. What happens as a result of the rebellion? First published in 1882, An and a math is considered one of the most important novels in the history of Bengali and Indian literature. Vande Mataram, a Song first published in this book, was later declared the National song of India.

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