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Armughan e Faruqi

Armughan e Faruqi

by Various

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Binding: Hardcover

The concept of Armughan—in Urdu—can be compared loosely with the Festschrift of Western academics. The latter is published to recognize the work of a legendary scholar and has a non-flexible format, while the former in Urdu has an open format and mainly examines the works of the relevant scholar and her/his persona. Though the Urdu format is flexible, sometimes the Armughan is published on the pattern of the Festschrift.
To recognize the scholarship of the legendary scholar Shamsur Rahman Faruqi or S.R. Faruqi as he is known in the non-Urdu world, the Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind) has published the Armughan-e Faruqi (2019). We, at the Anjuman, are of the view that Shamsurrahman Faruqi sahib is not only a living legend but he is the MOST LEARNED scholar in the history of Urdu language and its literature, hence this FIRST-EVER Armughan published by the Anjuman and presented to Faruqi sahib on his birthday on 30 September 2019.
It is a labor of love and we are happy that we were successful in bringing out the volume a few days before his birthday with the conviction that we shall publish one more volume of Armughan II on his 90th birthday. This conviction stems from the fact that he is mentally as fit today as he was when he was 18 and completed his master’s in English from Allahabad University or when he launched Shabkhoon, a trendsetter magazine that demolished almost all the notions of Urdu criticism and reigned supreme in that space for 40 years!
Initially, we wished to publish a Festschrift in English, and we also received a few articles in English and Urdu but it would have been blunder if we had gone ahead with the idea. Fortunately we did not commit it. We have now published a volume which includes articles on almost every aspect of his literary criticism, his creative persona and, of course, his remarkable personality which the Urdu world is not very cognizant of. The articles received for the Festschrift are also included in the book along with a number of new articles in the English section on various themes related to Faruqi sahib’s works and persona.
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