by Raj Kumari

Rs 600.00

ISBN: 9789384375393Categories: Children's & Young Adult, Hindi, New Books
Biksu had to go to a missionary boarding school at the age of twelve. A familiar world in the village with family and friends was left behind. Life at boarding school is different with new friends, norms and rituals. Full of different and strange experiences. There is a Gudmudiya Sir and there is a Father Johannes too. There wells and also an urge to bathe with its water without being seen. Something new happens everyday. It is a colourful story of the wonderful five years Biksu spent in the school. Biksu’s diary is like a window that takes us into his inner world through the bridge of fact and fiction.
Rajkumari, an illustrator, conceptualized this book and gave it shape through Madhubani art. Thus, a book was created for your collection. Its language has also shaped its illustrations. As you read it, you will feel as if a very close friend of yours is telling you his very personal story with heartfelt words. It is so fresh that at times you feel a raw emotion that would gradually unfold in words by you, reader, through reflection.
It is a beautiful duet of Rajkumari’s illustrations and Varun Grover’s dialogues.

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