Cancer: A Love Story

by Lauren Segal

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Author: Lauren Segal

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches

Release Date: 08-10-2018

Details: Memoir of a four-time cancer survivor LAUREN SEGAL Cancer: A Love Story is the intimately searing memoir of a four-time cancer survivor. The book breathlessly tracks author Lauren Segal’s journey to come to terms with the untold challenges of facing the dreaded disease. Forced to face her needle phobia, the author leads the reader into her crumbling world as she confronts the terrors of treatment—from debilitating chemo to nuking radiation. Death is her uninvited companion. But in the midst of her lonely horror, in a quest for deeper meaning, Lauren discovers the unexpected gift of awareness of unanticipated opportunities that cancer presents—to confront her unmasked humanity—her fears, strengths and weaknesses. “I have come to understand that in the same way that the majestic lotus flower has its roots in murky waters, so too does the emergence of beauty in life sometimes depend on life’s darker events.” Lauren Segal currently works as a museum curator; her most recent project is curating and designing the new Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre. She heads up Trace, a research, design and exhibition company. Inspired by her own journey into self-discovery and healing, Lauren is currently studying part-time to become a psychoanalyst. “What a privilege to read this immensely inspirational and brave story. Lauren’s personality and energy leaps off the page – the mark of a natural and gifted writer.” —David Cohen, campaigns editor and chief feature writer, London Evening Standard