by Bibek Debroy

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Author: Bibek Debroy

Languages: english

Number Of Pages: 208

Binding: Hardcover

Release Date: 05-10-2022

‘Devi’s constant presence motivated the book. She is the one who made me write it. She is the one who will make you read it or ignore it. Ya Devi sarvagrantheshu. Nothing more remains to be said.’
Who is Devi? What are her mantras? What are her stories? What are her rituals? The roots of Devi worship are deeply embedded in Indian society. Archaeological excavations, going back a few thousand years, show traces of Devi worship. Devi’s stories feature in the Puranas and Devi Gita (part of Devi Bhagavata Purana), which is a beautiful amalgamation of Vedanta and tantra.
Directed at young readers, 
Devi for Millennials demystifies Devi’s mantras, tantra, yantras and worship, often perceived to be esoteric. It narrates the stories of Devi and describes in a simple manner the Shakti Peethas and their significance. It also includes translations of verses both familiar and obscure across a wide spectrum of texts, one of them being the Devi Gita.
Remaining close and faithful to original Sanskrit texts and without any distortion or interpretation, it is a primer, an introduction to worshipping Devi, who is always with us.