Full text of the Misra Commission Report, National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities, Ministry of Minorities, Government of India

NCRLM (Author)

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Author: NCRLM

Languages: English

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Release Date: 01-12-2010

Details: Contents Vol. 1 Chapter I Introduction Chapter II Constitutional and Legislative Provisions Regarding the Minorities Chapter III Religious Minorities and their Status Chapter IV Linguistic Minorities and their Status Chapter V Status of Women among Minorities Chapter VI Criteria for Identifying backward Sections among Religious Minorities Chapter VII Measures for Welfare and Development of Minorities Chapter VIII Reservation as a Welfare Measure Chapter IX Demands for amending Constitution (SC) Order, 1950 Chapter X Recommendations and Modalities for their Implementation Note of Dissent by Member - Secretary Note on Dissent Note (written by Member Dr T Mahmood and endorsed by Chairman & other two members) Appendices 1. Texts of the Government Resolutions and Notifications 2. List of Workshops sponsored by the Commission 3. List of Studies sponsored by the Commission 4. Names of the States/UTs visited by the Commission 5. Contents of Volume II 6. Sex Ratio of Population: 1991 and 2001 and 0-6 years: 2001 7. Schedule of Socio-economic Parameters Contents Vol. 2 Questionnaires Sent Questionnaries sent to States/UTs Supplementary Questionnaire sent to States/UTs Questionnaire sent to Districts Questionnaire sent to Selected Colleges Format Regarding Collection of Information/Data on Developmental/ Welfare Schemes/Programmes for Religious and Linguistic Minorities from Ministries/Departments Proceedings of the Meeting of the Secretaries, Minorities Welfare/ Minorities Development Departments of the State Governments and Union Territory Administrations held on 13th July, 2005 List of Community Leaders/Religious Leaders With Whom the Commission held Discussions Findings & Recommendations of Studies Sponsored by the Commission A Study on Socio-Economic Status of Minorities -Factors Responsible for their backwardness Educational Status of Minorities and Causes for their Backwardness andIdentification of Socio-Economic Indicators for Backwardness Role of Madrasa Education in