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by Udayan Vajpayee
₹ 200.00
Product Description
This book has three stories and five short and interesting articles on seeing, hearing, taste, smell and touch. This book has a story on lamba raja, who can see beyond the sky. Then there is the story of a horse-rider, whose horse can run faster than sound. If someone calls the horse-rider, he reaches before his answer. There is also a bear who fails to extract honey and hopes to turn into a cat….and he becomes a cat. So, these stories expand the reach of our reality with with the help of imagination. Life is felt by us in its sheer intensity. Not just its expression but also the experience its language provides is matchless. While your eyes move from a sentence to the other, you would consider returning for a moment- to savour the expression, or enjoy its meaning or just for pleasure. This return would not be just in terms of language. Actually, everything happens only once in life, not twice. The collection resonates this understanding, which you can hear it only through reading.
Taposhi Ghoshal’s illustrations are such as if the writer himself created them. When an illustration makes us feel that the story is incomplete, it means that the illustration has created a place for itself.