Haanji Naaji

Swayam Prakash (Author)

Rs 170.00

Swayam Prakash, the writer, can do anything. In one story, he can make you laugh and cry in a way that wells up your eyes. Careful, this book has stories that will make you laugh so hard that your stomach will hurt. It’s effect is like glucose. It will dissolve as soon as it touches your tongue and would make you laugh. It is also possible that the anecdote reaches your bloodstream and warms your heart. It might remind you of the master story-teller Chaplin.
30 unparalleled humorous stories.You may have heard them but only Swayam Prakash can tell them in this style. For those who underestimate the value of a writing style, our ancestor Ghalib sahab reminds that there are many good story-tellers in this world…
Hanji’s expressions while speaking, his charpoi, hairstyle, hat and his beard, chin all these could be seen in Atanu Roy’s illustrations.
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