How I Became a Tree

by Sumana Roy

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Author: Sumana Roy

Languages: english

Number Of Pages: 244

Binding: Hardcover

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.9 x 0.9 inches

Release Date: 08-02-2017

Details: Product Description In this remarkable and often unsettling book, Sumana Roy gives us a new vision of what it means to be human in the natural world. Increasingly disturbed by the violence, hate, insincerity, greed and selfishness of her kind, the author is drawn to the idea of becoming a tree. ‘I was tired of speed’, she writes, ‘I wanted to live to tree time.’ Besides wanting to emulate the spacious, relaxed rhythm of trees, she is drawn to their non-violent ways of being, how they tread lightly upon the earth, their ability to cope with loneliness and pain, the unselfishness with which they give freely of themselves and much more. She gives us new readings of the works of writers, painters, photographers and poets (Rabindranath Tagore and D. H. Lawrence among them) to show how trees and plants have always fascinated us. She studies the work of remarkable scientists like Jagadish Chandra Bose and key spiritual figures like the Buddha to gain even deeper insights into the world of trees. She writes of those who have wondered what it would be like to have sex with a tree, looks into why people marry trees, explores the death and rebirth of trees and tells us why a tree was thought by forest-dwellers to be equal to ten sons. Mixing memoir, literary history, nature studies, spiritual philosophies and botanical research, How I Became a Tree is a book that will prompt readers to think of themselves and the natural world that they are an intrinsic part of, in fresh ways. It is that rarest of things - A truly original work of art. Review This charming, sweet, sensitive book captures trees in all their omnipresent beauty and takes the reader into their lives that are lived in front of our very eyes, yet silently, mysteriously and numinously. Did Roy finally turn into a tree? To know, read this book. - Financial Express How I Became a Tree is well -researched and quite readable, sensitises the reader to the close relationship between man and nature and suggests ways to nurture it…It mixes a number of genres-memoir, literary history, nature studies, spiritual philosophy and botanical studies and makes the reader sit up and think. - Indian Express Sumana Roy’s first book takes you an incredible meditative journey. This is Indian literature’s stag party to the forest of thought. You are invited, if you can brave the thickness of thought. - Firstpost Sumana Roy’s How I Became a Tree is a book that feels like equal parts of music, literature, botany and many such ‘parts’ that we take for granted. It is an ode to all that is neglected. - The Wire About the Author Sumana Roy writes from Siliguri, a small town in sub-Himalayan Bengal.