Indian Nationalism versus Hindu Nationalism

Ram Puniyani (Author)

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Author: Ram Puniyani

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 235

Binding: Paperback

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Release Date: 01-12-2016

Details: India has been witnessing an intense debate over the concept of nationalism for the last few decades, especially with the Ram Temple issue and Babri demolition, though its roots lie in the colonial period when two types of nationalisms came up simultaneously. One was the secular-democratic Indian nationalism while the other was an idea based on religion, which in turn had two subsets, Hindu nationalism and Muslim nationalism, both of which had their roots in the declining social forces which perceived the changing social-political-economic scenario as a threat to their vested interests. These nationalisms under the garb of religion did not participate in the anti-colonial struggle which led to our freedom. The values of Indian nationalism are enshrined in the Indian Constitution. This book casts a serious look at the RSS, its emergence, ideology, growth pattern and impact on the society and politics of India during the last few decades. The book compares and contrasts the political phenomena of fundamentalism and fascism with the programme of Hindutva. it elaborates the agenda of Hindutva which strives to create a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and also discusses its impact on the rights of the weaker sections of society, Dalits, adivasis, women and workers in addition to its politics of the intimidation of religious minorities, Muslims and Christians.