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Kitaabon Wala Ghar

Kitaabon Wala Ghar

by Jasbir Bhullar

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Language: Hindi

Number Of Pages: 64

Binding: Paperback

“A New Country was being formed”, adults were discussing. What I gathered was when a new country is formed, ice-cream and candy sellers stop coming to our street. This is not a good thing.

Jasbir Bhullar has lovingly packed his childhood memories spanning from 1946-49 in this small collection of stories. His soft words tread lightly on the streets and continue to give you a slight pull like a child showing you the way to his new find. His find is a dying plant that he brings home or a house full of books.

Chandramohan Kulkarni’s artwork gives the text an edge, a colourful and vibrant edge. One look would invite you look at it again.

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