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Magarmachcho Ka Basera

Magarmachcho Ka Basera

by Jasbir Bhullar

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Language: Hindi

Number Of Pages: 60

Binding: Paperback

Jasbir Bhullar is a famous Punjabi writer. He is a skillful story-teller. This book is about two crocodiles. Both of them live in a river that witnessed a devastating flood, which forced them to wander. River was everything for them. It’s water was their boat, always ready to take them to places. They were provided with the food they liked. If she flicked her tail in the water, it made a wonderful noise. After the floods, the crocodiles came to the land. This adversity had distressed them….It is amazing how beautifully fact and fiction have been woven together. It seems as if he had lived with them and seen all of it. You would find yourself so engrossed in this story that you would feel compelled to finish it in one go.
Atanu Roy’s illustrations would introduce you to Kirali crocodile. It would take you to the jungle where the story is set. After reading this story, you would surely ask if we have any other book by Jasbir Bhullar?
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