Malhar in the Middle (hOle Books)

by Rao, Shruthi

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Author: Rao, Shruthi

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 80

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.9 x 1.0 inches

Release Date: 13-12-2021

Details: Product Description Malhar wants to be a famous tabla player. But why do tabla players always sit to one side of the stage? Are they not important enough? Malhar wants answers--and he wants to sit in the middle! About the Author Shruthi Rao ( has a master's degree in energy engineering, and worked in the IT industry before she started writing. She is the author of 10 Indian Women Who Were the First to Do What They Did (2019, Duckbill), 20 Indians Who Changed the World (2019, Talking Cub), Susie Will Not Speak (2018, Duckbill), Manya Learns to Roar (2017, Duckbill), The Secret Garden (2016, NSI), Avani and the Pea Plant (2016, Pratham), among others. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and loves books, desserts, trees, benches, science and long walks. Lavanya Naidu is an animator and illustrator. She has loved cartoons since she was four, and currently spends her time brewing stories and bringing them to life in her animation as well as illustrations. She has worked with Google, Amazon, WWF, TEDx, Cartoon Network, Otataa, Godrej, Tinkle and a number of children's publishing houses. In her free time, she talks to dogs, learns new languages and plays the ukulele.