Mistress of the Throne: The Mughal Intrigues

Ruchir Gupta (Author)

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Author: Ruchir Gupta

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 324

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches

Release Date: 08-01-2014


About The Book

Mistress of the Throne: The Mughal Intrigues is set in the year 1631 and gives its readers an exclusive account of the life of young Jahanara, who finds herself crowned the Queen of India by her father, the Mughal King Shah Jahan. This happens when her mother, Mumtaz Mahal, who was the Queen of India, passes away. Instead of passing on this title to one of his many wives, he decides to break free from the conventional trend and pass it on to his young daughter instead. This seventeen-year-old queen, who looks like a mirror-image of her mother, must now bear the load of the entire kingdom on her young shoulders.

Jahanara has younger siblings who have varied temperaments. She must come to terms with the harsh fact that even though she has all the power and authority in her hands, she is forbidden to share that with any man. Even though her parents had a love story that was etched in time, young Jahanara must now accept that she is forbidden to marry, as per the law.

Set in a time that is often referred to as ‘India's Golden Age', this enchanting account of the life of a young Muslim queen is unique and tells its readers a lot about lives in that era.

Mistress of the Throne: The Mughal Intrigues has been published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors in the year 2014 and is available in paperback.

Key Features

  • The novel gives a beautiful description of life in the Mughal era.
  • The author has succeeded in portraying the myriad of emotions that the young Muslim queen experiences.