Modi 2.0: A Resolve to Secure India

Panchnanda, Ranjit (Author)

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Author: Panchnanda, Ranjit

Languages: english

Number Of Pages: 277

Binding: Hardcover

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Release Date: 30-10-2021

Details: Safety and security lie at the heart of the prosperity of a nation. Real security is not only based on growth, reform and change or, what can be described as all-round development of the nation, but also enhanced focus on the borders given the escalation of tension. While trust and collaboration are central to a systematic approach to security, it is cohesively strung on three core objectives: effective diplomacy and military capabilities; bolstering economic prosperity; and providing governance and promoting democratic values. They present formidable challenges and are not easy to achieve, but under Modi's 'thinking thoroughly' leadership, there has been an earnest movement with long-term strategic planning and review. Alert to the changing threat landscape, the NDA government reasoned that any compartmentalised orsilo-driven approach to national security required a fresh integrated approach. This volume brings out a comprehensive treatment of the important aspects of national security under Modi 2.0 government.