Motivational Constraints and Occupational Values

by Amar Nath Prasad

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The aim of the study was to examine the contribution of the motivational factors towards the different value-orientations expressed through occupational choice.
Hypothesis regarding the contributions of motivational factors in shaping different value-orientations were postulated in the light of relevant literature and were verified by the application of suitable statistical techniques. The findings revealed that Dominance contributed significantly to theoretical value-orientation. Similarly, in shaping economic value-orientation the motivational factors, namely, achievement, deference, affiliation, intraception, abasement, nurturance, change, endurance, heterosexuality, and aggression were found to have significant contribution. In political value-orientation the main contributing motivational factors were deference, exhibition, autonomy, affiliation, abasement etc. In shaping religious value-orientation the motivational factor like exhibition, autonomy, and succorance were found to have significant contribution.
The study was very much significant in the sense that it explained the theoretical rationale regarding the implication of the contribution of some of the motivational factors in shaping different value-orientation. Values play an important role in giving the shape of personality



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