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Paper Chor

Paper Chor

by Varun Grover

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Language: Hindi

Number Of Pages: 60

Binding: Paperback

Varun Grover’s magical language has impressed many youngsters. With this book, one could add children also to the list of his admirers. Seven stories. Mystery, thrill, wonder and dreams- his language retains the same magical quality in all genres. At times, he writes so little that the ideas seems to have trickled down to the tip of the language. Then there is no space for anything else. He tells a story in a way that it seems he has become one with the audience. Therefore, you keep finding yourself in the company of a reader. Not once does his descriptions of events and people become judgemental. This is an incredible feat. He just keeps feeding our curiosities. He does not create a suspense to suddenly interest the reader with a mystery. Instead, he lets the mystery unfold, which creates the space for the story to move forward.
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