Puss in Boots Story Book with Colourful Pictures for Children Age 2-6 years -16 pages Uncle Moon Series

by Pegasus

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‘Puss in Boots’ is a story of a witty wise cat that goes on a magical adventure when he receives his pair of boots. The cat represents the qualities of intelligence, bravery, and wittiness, and teaches a lesson that one should always rely on his abilities. Adorned with charming illustrations, retold in easy language, this is a beautiful book to treasure.   • 16 pages • Ideal for age-group 2-6 years • Amazing illustrations • Colourful cover • Inculcates reading habit This storybook is sure to become a favourite of all readers. Filled with humour and adventure it will enchant young readers and listeners. Easy-to-understand text ensures that kids enjoy reading it and improve their language skills as well.