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Qabz e Zaman

Qabz e Zaman

by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

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Number Of Pages: 138

Binding: Paperback

Who enjoyed Shamsur Rahman Faruqi sahab’s era-accurate but fictional works, Qabz e Zaman will be a pretty satisfying read. This time around the setting is Delhi in the last years of the Lodhis of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Delhi of 200 years later. The plot here is pretty threadbare but the story follows a man living in the former era being somehow transported to the latter era( Faruqi sahab explains in the foreword how this differs from time travel in the scientific sense). This change is used to contrast the two settings with the changes in the buildings, the dresses and the attitude of the inhabitants of Delhi shown through the eyes of the protagonist. As ever, Faruqi sahab paints exquisite pictures of the landscapes with his words and builds the general mood of the city through his characters.
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