Shri Ramayana (Hindi)

by M. I. Rajasve

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Author: M. I. Rajasve

Languages: Hindi

Number Of Pages: 340

Binding: Paperback

Release Date: 01-09-2022

The epic of Ramayana is the story of the great Shri Rama, a god in human form—from his birth and childhood, his marriage to Sita, the daughter of King Janak, to the politics that led to his exile, the war he waged against Raavan who had kidnapped his wife, and finally to his glorious victory and reinstatement as the ruler of Ayodhya.
Valmiki’s great epic, Ramayana is a must-read for all!

  • It is an excellent collectable for libraries and gifting
  • It introduces one to the rich heritage of Indian literature
  • The legendary tale imparts ethics and moral lessons
  • It brings one closer to the Indian culture and traditions
  • It transports the reader on a journey of classic adventures