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The Amazing Moustache of Moochandar the Iron Man and Other Stories

The Amazing Moustache of Moochandar the Iron Man and Other Stories

by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

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Language: English

Number Of Pages: 80

Binding: Paperback

Four jolly stories to enchant the young reader. Delightful to read out loud, or for children who are beginning to read for themselves. The illustrations add to the fun Ruskin Bond z Accompanied by delightful illustrations by Michelle Farooqi A giant baker, a spiteful pig, a shrewd monkey and the amazing moustaches of circus man Moochhander... Welcome to the wonderful world of Moochhander the Iron Man, whose moustaches can do just about anything. They can lift weights and pull cars; they can be tied to the circus dome and used to swing in the air without a trapeze. But will they be able to console poor Moochander when he is sad and lonely? You will also find in this book a giant baker who makes giant buns and cakes that will make your mouth water; a wicked monkey who interrupts a wedding by stealing the bride; and a little piglet who solves the case of the missing piglets. Accompanied by Michelle Farooqi s delightful illustrations, these charming stories are perfect for reading over and over again.

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