The Final Draft


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Languages: english

Number Of Pages: 246

Binding: Paperback

Release Date: 01-12-2022

‘The Final Draft’ is the leading story in collection of twelve short stores exploring a range of themes, characters and settings. These are stories of love – both lost and found; war and terrorism; crime and creativity; even a children’s parable and a ghost story. In the title story, a dying writer tries to complete his masterpiece as his wife struggles to keep him alive. What happens when he finishes it? A beautiful woman visits a place by the shoreline awaiting her lover who was killed in an air crash there. He arrives. And then? An Afghan terrorist rapes a young school teacher in Kashmir. How does she get her revenge? And what happens to an Army officer on his first patrol across No-Man’s Land. Or the officer who plays a masquerade with a man on his death bed. When the virus devastates the world, we get a glimpse of a darkly plausible future in a Cloistered City. And discover how rainbows are created; or see a brilliant art-heist take an unexpected turn. They are all there in the valley of stories. Let us travel through it. ABOUT AUTHOR Ajay Singh is a poet, photographer and writer-at-large who has donned the uniform for 28 years, before falling to the lure of words. Singh then, he has written four books – including the bestselling novel, ‘Through Orphaned Eyes’ and over 200 published articles. A renowned public speaker, he speaks extensively in school, colleges and other institutes. He has co-hosted TV shows and writes screenplay for film and television. Happy married, he stays in PUne and can be contacted at