The Life and Works of Sultan Alauddin Khalji

by Ghulam Sarwar Khan Niazi

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Author: Ghulam Sarwar Khan Niazi

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 218

Binding: Hardcover

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Release Date: 01-01-2021

Details: Product Description The pre-Moghul Muslim presence in the sub-continent is very important from many angles. In this phase the basic structure of an efficient administration evolved and from this point of view Alauddin Khilji holds a cardinal importance. His administration resulted in the prosperity of his subjects and kept his treasury filled. Literature and learning, art and architecture and public morality reached a new peak. It is a deplorable irony of time that we do not possess an accurate and detailed historical record of the achievements of such a great ruler. Sultan Ala-ud-Din has not been dealt fairly by the historians for one reason or the other. It was necessary to present this great Sultan in his true colours. About the Author Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan Niazi, the author of this book has carefully examined the accounts of all known contemporary and early writers and has drawn a picture of the Sultan, based on true and accepted facts provided by contemporary historians, which is, to say the least, different. The freshness of the point of view emerges from a genuine erudition and scholarly perception of the subject.