The Midnight Years

by Suza, Jane de

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Author: Suza, Jane de

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 232

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches

Release Date: 31-05-2021

Details: Product Description One night is all it takes. A party turns into a nightmare for four teenagers. Alisha guards a secret that will shatter those who know her. Sharad is crushed under his family’s expectations. Good little Ruhi makes a single mistake that will come back to haunt her. And AK is let down disastrously by those he trusts the most. As they struggle through this pitch-black time in their lives, they must make life-changing choices that could hurl them backwards, or help them claw towards the light. TALK SPACE: A psychologist analyses teen dilemmas. Review A fast-moving true-to-life story for readers of John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Jay Asher and Jason Reynolds. Traces the personal, social and cultural challenges and issues faced by today's teens both in India and often universally as well, and weaves them into a riveting narrative from the point of view of the teenagers themselves. Both racy – and reflective. 'Challenge' areas are highlighted, and then analysed in a special section in the back of the book. TALK SPACE: About the Author Jane De Suza's books have hit both award and bestselling lists. These include Flyaway Boy, When the World Went Dark, the SuperZero series, Uncool, Happily Never After and The Spy Who Lost Her Head, among others. She is a management graduate from XLRI, was creative director across advertising agencies, is a columnist with a national daily, and currently lives in Singapore with her family.Sangita Unni is a psychologist who lives in Bengaluru and has been a practising counsellor for over a decade. She is the director of Lyftly India, and has launched Lyftly Minds, an app that promotes holistic emotional wellness, focused on the youth of our country. She is an avid trekker, diver, founder of Nair's Kitchen, and fulltime mother to her three young adult sons and a beautiful indie dog.