Author: Kota Neelima

Languages: Telugu

Number Of Pages: 264

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.0 x 0.7 inches

Release Date: 20-01-2014

Details: "In Tirupati: A Guide To Life, author Kota Neelima attempts to connect the teachings of Lord Venkateshwara to practical aspects of daily living. The book aims to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern life, by providing practical suggestions.

Tirupati: A Guide To Life begins with a foreword written by the lead priest at the Venkateshwara temple. Then the author proceeds with tracing the roots of the historical temple. She also provides a snapshot into the inner working of the shrine, in a place that is considered to be the most important in the world. Neelima has provided details such as a list of festivals celebrated at Tirupati, the vehicles used for the gods during each festival, slokas used to wake Lord Venkateshwara and the rules of the temple. In the book, Neelima also talks at length about what is dharma and what is sin. As beings that experience the waves and crashes of the material world, Neelima addresses issues such as love, ambition, death, pain, wealth and faith, through short chapters. She also presents anecdotes on betrayal, sorrow and neglect. Neelima’s books help readers understand how they can achieve fulfillment and happiness. After reading Neelima’s book, readers will understand the true meaning of life and seek comfort in Lord Sri Venkateshwara, the god that fulfils desires, provides redemption, through his love for his followers. Tirupati: A Guide To Life was published in 2012, by Random House India."
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