Yes Yes Living in a No No World

by Neil Eskelin

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Author: Neil Eskelin

Languages: English

Number Of Pages: 176

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches

Release Date: 02-12-2013

Details: Product Description You are about to enter a new level of living. Somewhere in the pages of this book, it will suddenly happen to you. Yes Yes Living will become more than a phrase. It will become a never-ending source of personal energy, motivation and love. Discover it for yourself as you begin to apply Yes Yes Living to every area of your life. You will learn: How to turn enemies into friends. How to be thankful for problems. How to turn a minus into a plus. How to apply the greatest commandment How to transform hope into reality. The concepts you are about to read have been tested. They work! If you feel trapped in the No No World of It can t be done and want to enter a life of joyful, productive Yes Yes Living, read on! About the Author Neil Eskelin is a distinguished author and speaker who has given his inspiring addresses to over 3,000 audiences. His bestselling books include, The 24 Hour Turn-Around, Leaders are Lovers, and 101 Promises Worth Keeping.